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A picture may be worth a thousand words, but no matter how many pictures are included on a website, there has to be some content to draw people in. Website content is an important element of any site, providing concrete information to inform, amuse, or persuade customers. Website copywriting is a unique science, relying just as much on keyword placement as well-written prose. For websites looking for a boost in hits & profits, the powerful SEO copy writing services will make all the difference.

Two-pronged Approach

The article writing services available from Catchy Pages provide clients with smart content that not only communicates a clear message but also uses the necessary keywords to score well with major search engines. To do this, Catchy Pages utilizes a two-pronged approach. First, the article writing services look carefully at the overall organisation of the content, rearranging text so it is easy to read. Then, Catchy Pages applies proven SEO copy writing formulas to optimise the keyword content for maximum exposure. In this way, the website copywriting can revolutionize a website, using well-written SEO copy writing to both appeal to search engines and interested customers alike.

Website Copywriting Packages

To help with website copywriting for any client, the article submission services at Catchy Pages are vast & varied. Some of the website design & development packages offer specialised article submission services as part of a comprehensive plan. Some of the specific article writing packages include:

  • Catchy Related Copy: Industry related article 400-500 words: $99.00
  • Catchy Refresh Copy: Re-written website article up to 500 words: $77.00 Special Price: $55.00
  • Catchy Benefit Copywriting: 5 x 200-250 word unique article package: $275.00
  • Catchy Exposure Copywriting: 10 x 200-250 word unique article package: $440.00
  • Catchy Social Copy: Social media - blog article up to 200 words: $44.00

These varied packs make it easy to customise the article submission services to any particular need or goal. Websites of all sizes & purposes can benefit from such article writing, from creative blogs to advertising sites to informational pages. With a range of possible word counts, it is easy to find a package for any situation. The quality SEO copy writing is guaranteed to match any tone & style, while also improving the SEO content on the page overall.

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No matter what the website is trying to accomplish, the skilled website copywriting services are sure to improve the overall readability of the page while also enhancing its SEO viability. For more information on the article writing services from Catchy Pages, just simply fill in our request form, or give us a call on (02) 6687 9810, today!

All pricing: Australia dollars (AUD).

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