Instant Exposure with PPC Marketing

Pay Per Click, or PPC, is the standard method for online advertising today. The basic concept of pay per click advertising is very simple. Advertisers will bid against each other for a particular keyword or phrase relevant to their target audience. The highest bid wins the ad placement within the Sponsored Links section of that particular search engine (Google, Yahoo & Bing). As the name suggests, a small fee is charged every time someone clicks through to your website, which effectively means you will only pay for results.

Widening Your Net

Because search engines are the gateway to the Internet, the first page of a potential customer's search is prime real estate. Google, the largest search engine, also has the added advantage of advertising all over the web, not just in the search engine itself, making your investment even more beneficial.

Owning & operating an online business is difficult. It's like trying to grab fish out of water with your bare hands, where the fish are potential customers swimming through the Internet. PPC online advertising allows you to widen your net so there are more opportunities for customers to get caught or lured to your website.

The great thing about Google adwords advertising is that its impact is directly measurable. You will be able to control the amount you spend on keywords as well as monitor which keywords are producing effective results for your dollar.

Balanced Marketing Approach

We find that businesses can benefit from a balanced approach with SEO & PPC advertising. With search engine optimisation, the goal is to position your Website for free within the organic search results with targeted keywords related to your website. Naturally SEO takes time to maximise your Website exposure & improve your ranking position, so we turn to pay per click advertising to create some activity in the shorter term, which will boost your website traffic in an more instant type manner.

Getting Started

Catchy Pages can help put your pay per click Google adwords campaign into place & turn your website into a marketing tool that attracts online traffic & increases your website exposure. Feel free to fill in our user-friendly request form or give us a call on (02) 6687 9810 for additional information.

For those who may be curious about other types of online marketing, you may like to consider search engine optimisation SEO.

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