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Just creating an ad that is catchy, adding a link to your site and forgetting about it is no longer enough. Unfortunately, this would ring a bell in the minds of many website owners, who don't really use Google Adwords to its full potential.

Local businesses today are under increasing pressure to be able to market their businesses effectively online. The biggest reason why local businesses need to invest heavily in local search is the fact that almost 80% of all the clients they receive will be either people who use a mobile phone to find their business or have found out about them online.

A good car wrap has a lot of marketing potential. After all, it has all the benefits of a billboard with added mobility.

Many startup businesses have a limited advertising, marketing and SEO budget. However, for startups that rely mainly or solely on the internet to do business, SEO needs to a big part of their business strategy.

A blog is probably one of the most powerful internet marketing tools. However, it is only as powerful as the number of customers / visitors who manage to stumble upon it.

Recent Posts

  • Tue. 03. 2016
    2015 saw two major updates by Google which really rocked the boat for SEO specialists that relied on a specific set of rules to rank websites.
  • Fri. 02. 2016
    Yet another exciting year for pay per click advertising and marketing will draw to a close and so we try to predict what changes will affect us the most.
  • Wed. 09. 2014
    The number of SEO companies that claim to be offering the best service are in the thousands. Making sense of what each of these companies offer can be mind boggling.
  • Wed. 07. 2014
    The recent turmoil faced by businesses rankings on major search engines like Google has led many to rethink their internet marketing strategy.


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