Google Adwords latest bidding tools announced


Google's Adwords is probably the largest advertising network in the history of the internet. This is why every change they announce and eventually roll out is of prime importance to every business owner.

Over the past couple of months we have been hearing about a new bidding tool and a few mobile bidding settings for improved campaigns. Now we have begun to see specifics from Adwords.

The new AdWords interface is going to have an enhanced campaign system which has a bid adjustment calculator. This calculator is designed to show advertisers the final bid adjustment after a number of bid settings. The adjustments of time, day, and location can be made directly from within 'Campaign Settings'. Once you apply these settings the calculator will show what it costs you.
Campaign level adjustments to your bids are applied above your ad groups or keywords. Your bid adjustments will depend on a number of variables including time of day, location and days. It can be set starting from 90% to +900%. But for mobile devices your bid adjustments can easily be set at 100% if you do not want your ads to run on mobile or it can be set at -90% and a whopping +300%.

Advertisers who convert their existing campaign to an enhanced campaign will see estimated changes in impression, costs and clicks depending mainly on the mobile bid adjustment which they select. This estimated adjustment is mainly based on how advertisers that have the same keywords bid on mobile devices as compared to many other devices. However, if there is not enough data coming from similar advertisers, then the system will suggest an adjustment which is based on information coming from all advertisers in general.

Campaigns that do have enough data will see a pop-up that has a detailed 7 day estimate of changes in impressions, costs on desktop / mobile / tablet and clicks. However, right now the AdWords documentation does not talk about this but most keywords that do not have enough comparison data will end up recommending a mobile bid adjustment.

Within the next few days people will start to see a few new sub tabs under the Campaign Settings tab. Here you can choose location, devices and ad schedule which makes navigating easier when changing and adjusting bids.

Exactly how the new bidding tools will change PPC advertising as a whole is left to be seen. However, it is evident that the latest tools while making mobile advertising easier also add a layer of complexity. Some users may face a learning curve during which they may lose a lot of their advertising budget. Again, this is still left to be seen but will become evident over the next couple of weeks.

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